Justice for all?

Welcome to the American Injustice System

We're you like me? Were you expecting justice from the justice system? I thought they would hold Hillary Clinton accountable. Psych. I was told that James Comey was a straight shooter. Then again I was told about Santa Claus too and that turned out to be bullshit. The same bullshit James Comey is filled with. The fix is in. Bill Clinton saw to that and Loretta Lynch carried out Bill Clinton's wishes. General David Petraeus shares top secret information with his girlfriend who also has a security clearence and he is crucified for it. But not Hillary. Not her. You or I would be toast but the Clintons skate like they always have and unfortunately it seems like they always will.

"You thought I was going to hold Hillary accountable? Hey,everybody did you hear that? These people thought we were going to hold Hillary Clinton accountable. What do you think about that ?"

Of course you know who the biggest losers are in this mess? Yes that's right:

We The People

These are the only two blogs that make sense in this crazy world.

Men's Rights Blog

Among Other Things

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