The capitalist imperialist American empire has been brought down. Yankee imperialist doctrines like the U.S. Constitution,which has been banned by The People's Reveloutionary Committee,have been found in the possession of counterrevolutionary rebels. Not much is known about the rebels except they are filthy capitalist swine that oppresses the workers of the world for their Wall Street capitalist lackies. They were found with this flag:

This symbol of Wall Street capitalist oppression of the workers has rightfully been banned by the Politboro,which is located in Lenin DC. Such wise and glorious decisions have been issued by our great Politboro,which is so perfect it is impossible for it to make any error whatsoever.It is the same joy I find with our 3 hour dedication to great leader,our beloved leader. Without our beloved leader humanity would have been extinct a long time ago.If it was not for great leader there would be no sunlight. Don't worry fellow comrades for our most beloved leader has given me,a mere peasant of our glorious communist system which is far superior to the old system of capitalist exploitation of the workers. He has given me these photos of possible rebel leaders.These men are guilty. I know because great leader, our beloved leader has told me so. If great beloved leader says you are guilty a trial is not necessary. Here are the photos:

These men spread dangerous ideas to the our workers theatening our worker's paradise. They threaten your security too because how can we protect you if we can't keep an eye on you. If you think that state surveillence and security are too overbearing remember the man and woman who were attacked and killed by a couple of grizzly bears. That is a tragic case but it showed we had to increase protection measures to make sure the same thing does not happen again. We have gathered information on them by an infiltrator that was able to fool the oppressive capitalist Yankee dogs that he was a part of their exploitive system. Instead he is a loyal agent to our beloved leader. Here is a photo of great infiltrator,with permission of great beloved leader. Here is the photo:

Of cource great infiltrator could not do it on his own. He needed extra help from loyal agents of our beloved leader. One of thoee agents is listed here. He is a great example of the excellence that our beloved leader needs to defeat the decadent forces of exploitive capitalism. Here is the photo:

These are good example of Dempublican party members that put the party above the country in celebration of our glorious most beloved leader. Without our most beloved leader we would die. Now most beloved leader needs your help:

Soviet bear needs your help. Remember comrades only you can turn in disidents. Disidents that will undermine and try to destroy the benevelonce of our most beloved leader. The worker's paradise that we enjoy must be guarded for it is fragile. Most of these sabateurs work for decandent western imperialist agencies such as the decandent CIA. The CIA is part of the Wall Street capitalist system that destroys the soul of socialism.

Most beloved leader wants us to salute the fallen for the glory of communism. Those brave members of the proletariat class that fought the class struggle against the oppressive capitalist system. Now we salute our fallen comrades:

A great revolutionary general who has inspired all of us in our resistance to western decandence lest we be slaves to Wall Street. Other proud heroes of the People's Democratic Revolutionary Republic of America. The liberators that freed the workers from their chains.

Such inspirational heroes one and all. Their sacrifice will not be ignored by us unless it is discovered that they engaged in activities that would compromise The American Worker's Party which is part of the Dempublicans. In that case they will be ostrasized.

Dempublicans are good comrades. They are never wrong. I know they are never wrong because I've asked them. There is no need to question them. They are good party members they are above suspicion. If anyone has any questions bring them up to him:

This would be a good time to meet some of the other people of our most wonderous Dempublican Party. Here they are:

Of course where would we be if we didn't have our Founder. The Founder of the greatest political system in the world. Because of our Founder we are able to enjoys this worker's paradise that we love so much. No question about it. Here is the photo of our Founder. Given to us by our most beloved leader. The same most beloved leader that raises the sun to the sky every morning.

The world is a big place filled with evil anti-communist people who want to crush a worker's paradise to appease their capitalist Wall Streeet masters. Thankfully we are well protected by the SASP or Soveit American Security Police. They protect us from those that want to destroy our beloved communist paradise. Their system is wasteful. Capitalism is severely flawed. Under capitalism only one family is staying in a two bedroom house. Under communist system 3 or 4 families could occupy that space so communism is better. Anyway here is photo of enforcer from our glorious most beloved leader.

Well comrades here is the time we've all been waiting for. It is time to welcome our most beloved dear leader himself. His benevolency reaches worldside. In fact most beloved leader extends his guidence to all the nations of the world. We are truly blessed to have someone like most beloved leader. Here is most beloved leader.

Comrades not only are we lucky enough to have a leader like most beloved leader the world is lucky to have a leader like most beloved leader to guide them as well.

Our most glorious beloved leader has banned the following two websites. These websites adhere to the reactionary government that oppressed the workers and suppressed the will of the proletariet. You are prohibited from going to these websites.

Men's Rights Blog

Among Other Things

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