We are men on a mission. We are tired of feminism and all other forms of gynocentricity. We are militantly anti-feminist,anti-gynocentrical,anti- matriarchial and anti-misandry. We favor a balance between the sexes. We are not going to give up. We will fight on. Never surrendering. Never yielding. We will give no quarter to the enemy nor shall we give them any rest. We are here to fight for our rights and we are going to fight the matriarchy as long as we are able to breathe and fight. Let's give them hell. There are a lot of MRA websites and forums but we are the most militant. We are what other MRA's and their websites try to be but they don't measure up. A lot of guys were playing nice with the feminists but not us. We gave them hell and a cyber bloody nose so they'll think twice before fucking with us again. Now all these websites that placated the feminists are now standing up to them. I guess they needed permission. If that is the case you have my permission to fuck up feminists.

We don't need anyone's permission to become proactive. That is our right as free men to become involved in the political system. We are the ones who built up and maintain society. We are the construction workers, the world leaders,the bricklayers,the garbage men,the sanitation workers that keep this society going. We are the ones who get our hands dirty for society. Whether those stains on our hands are dirt or blood we are still looked upon to do the heavy lifting. Now we are being told that we must become serfs in our country. That is unacceptable and I will show them so much resistence they won't be able to take it. Are you with me? Are you willing to take the red pill,see the truth and help guide this country to its true destiny? If so then join with me as we make a revolution happen and make a corrupt matriarchial system fall? Who's with me?

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