2016 voter's guildebook

In the United States the Presidential race is on. On one side we have:

Donald Trump

Donald Trump can be considered the more pro-male candidate among the best known people running for President. There are other parties but they do not receieve a significant amount of the vote to be of influence. This year may be different due to the dissatisfied Bernie Sanders supporters. A lot are very adamant in their hatred for Hillary. There are rumors that some will turn to Trump,others to the Green Party and others to a protest vote. This is an advantage Trump can exploit if he is smart.Trump is at a point where he better go through a press agent before speaking out. Being honest is what is wanted by the people from their leaders but stepping in it like he did with the judge was a bad move. Leave race out of out. Like Martin Luther King Jr.said: it's about content of character not color of skin .

And on the other side we have:

Hillary Clinton

Hillary is the Democratic nominee because the Demoratic Party leadership favored her. Hillary is not very likeable. Instead of coming off as a friend Hillary comes off as an ex-wife. That is a draw back. Another draw back she has is the lack of male supporters and Sanders's Democrats that wouldn't vote for Hillary if their lives depended on it.Bernie Sanders has the personality and charisma of a dead fish and if the Democratic Party's Primary Process was as honest as the Republican Primary Process was that dead fish may have whipped her ass. Another thing going against Hillary is her support of the Trans Pacific Partership Agreement that will destroy a lot of the freedoms we enjoy. TPP is a major threat to Net Neutrality.One of her good friends Terry McAuliff even said so confirming her support of the TPP. Hillary is no friend of men and she is proud of that so if you're a man vote for Trump.


A lot of states have marijuana proposals on the November ballot. From medical to full legalization. Let's look at the following states as we examine the marijuana legalization measures on the ballot:Arkansas,California,Florida,Maine,Massachusetts,Montana and Nevada. See NORML'S list Marijuana prohibition is a dismal failure. It doesn't work. It was implemented by a white supremacist, Harry J. Anslinger,who believe that marijuana made "black men look too long at white women" and that blacks and Hispanics are degenerate races. All prohibiton has accomplished is enriching organized crime. It's time to take a new approach. It is time to end the war on marijuana. These states are taking a tremendous leap forward. A leap into knowledge not the old failed policy of ignorance. It comes down to this: one of these two groups is going to manage the marijuana business. Is it going to be these people or these people? There is no middle ground. It is one or the other. Which group is it going to be? Here is an excellent example of why marijuana prohibition sucks but there are people standing up to it.


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